Friday, 18 November 2016

Make Steady Income From Football betting

Stop loosing your money to bookmakers.
Learn how to make steady income from football betting

You must be very lucky to come across this page today.If you have been looking for a way to beat bookmakers and make steady income from football,worry no more cos you have come to your final buss-stop.

Let me narrate my story about how i started football betting
Am not a football lover.I don't watch football or ague about football.All started on one day my room mate came back in the evening and told me that he has won N56,000 from bet9ja for just a bet of N100.I was surprised that he has won such amount of money with just N100.
I said to my self  this is an opportunity to make easy money from football betting.I quickly ran to and registered account.I proceed to the bank and funded my account with N5000.
i started  placing accumulation bet,one or two games always spoil my accumulation,before i could know what is happening,i lost  the whole N5000.All seems to be like a film trick to me.I was surprise how i lost  my N5000  investment within some weeks.I decided to invest higher amount to know if that could help.I proceed to bank again and funded my account with N10000.On my first bet,i won N4640 with N200 stake,but before i could know what is happening.i lost my winning including my whole investment.Chai!!,i decided to do noting but to quit.
Am an information marketer,so whatever i discovered as a problem,i must dig deeper to find out the solution to it.I never stop searching on how to solve this problem of loosing money to bookmakers.After some months of making research,i was able to come across a football prediction site named betensured.Among all football prediction site i have come across on the internet, is the use to give out free prediction on five matches everyday.On those 5 daily expert prediction they could win 4 game and lost 1.some times win all the five prediction for the day.I started drafting out their daily prediction.I will write out  those  prediction on a shirt of paper and browse through  to shake the odds of those predictions.After the matches had played,i will head over to or  to check the result of those matches.I keep on doing this for over some weeks.There's no day their winning will not cover their lost,i then said to my self,if someone is betting on this game single,there is no way he/she will not be making  thousands of naira from it everyday.I was very happy that i have found a solution to my problem,so I decided to go back to betting,but not with bet9ja account which has been loosing me money.I went to www.Nairabet.Com and registered a new account.I proceed to the bank and funded my account with N10000.I went to www.Betensured.Com and copied all their five prediction for the day.I proceed to nairabet.Com to place single bet on those 5 matches.I bet N2000 each on those five matches making it total of N10000 stake.I won 3 match and lost 2,but my winnings was unable to cover my lost because of their low odd.So i lost #800 for that day.The following day,i went and copied betensured daily expert prediction again and bet #1000 on each,i won 4 game and lost 1,made a gain of #1860 for that day.My balance is now #11,060.On the next day i bet #2000 each on that day predicted match.I won 2 game and lost 3.After minusing my lost from my winnings,i discovered that i have lost #2400 for that day.I did the same thing the following day and lost #1600.Next day i lost 1,200 my balance came down to #5860.That is when i started wondering if there's any witch on bookmarker site or a witch from my village that vowed never to allow me make money from football betting.But after everything i later discover a system that fetches me not less than #10000 daily from football betting.If u wish to make millions of naira from football betting,my first advice is never be greedy.Second advice,order for my "SURE FOOTBALL PREDICTION GUIDE" on this guide u will learn how to predict 100% sure game and lake bookmarkers the way you like.You will learn that not all match you see on bookmarkers site worth betting on.With this system you will never loose a dime to bookmarkers instead you will be making steady income from football betting.Sound too nice to be truth huh? ok for those that wish to order for this guide will receive 100% sure predicted match from me before making payment.How much is this guide?This guide worth over 100k to be precisely,but the truth
 is that i don't want to sale it.I just want to give out some copies of this guide to 50 serious minded people.Then how would i know those serious minded people?No any other way than to tag a little amount of money on the guide just to scare unserious people away.So you have to pay only #5000 to get the complete to pay?deposite N2500 into this bank account.

 Account name:OKONKWO CHIGOZIE   Bank:ZENITH                    Account number:2009919864

After Payment Text the Following Details In an SMS to “09018373972”
DEPOSITORS NAME, Amount Paid, ”SFPG”,  Branch, Teller Number,
E-mail Address.
and you shall receive the package in an e-mail within 3hours of payment confirmation.


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